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A Matz Fitness Membership grants you access to full-length yoga and meditation videos with Rachel directly from the Matz Fitness App, found via the “Workouts” tab. Expect to see at least two new videos per week, and you will have unlimited access to all previously posted videos- a yoga and meditation video archive! The videos will range in duration from 10-90 minutes.


There will be videos that focus on various regions of the body, flexibility, strength, mobility, balance, mindfulness, breath control and yogic philosophy/spirituality. Rachel recommends completing at least two videos per week for your overall mind and body wellness. (But firmly stands for YOGA EVERY DAMN DAY!)


Your yoga practice can be challenging and sweaty, smooth and flowy, calm and slow, short and sweet...whatever you need in this moment. You will see various styles present throughout the videos- Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra. There will also be different styles of Meditation used to help you find what works best in guiding you into the present moment.


These videos can be done anywhere- at home, at work, while traveling, etc. You will want a yoga mat! Other props may be beneficial for some of the videos: 1-2 yoga blocks, a blanket, a pillow/bolster, an eye pillow or towel and a yoga strap. (You can improvise with big books and a tie!) Below are a couple of preview videos! Some of the videos will be created specifically for beginners, some will be intermediate, others will be advanced, and many will be all-level friendly. Below are a few example videos!


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