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Daily Workouts are titled and grouped by week and include a Circuit, a Lower Body Lift, an Upper Body Lift and a Total Body Workout. There will be new workouts posted monthly, and you will have unlimited access to all previously posted workouts.


These workouts are designed to be functional, diverse and fun, and suitable for all fitness levels. Most of the daily workouts involve the use of free weights, weight lifting machines and other common gym equipment. These workouts are not necessarily designed as “at home” programs, but you may have the equipment you need to improvise and use them in your home!


Workouts include a brief video clip for guidance on how to perform each exercise properly. This section of our platform is designed to be flexible- you pick what type of workout you want to do and when! It’s great for people who like variety, without a specific progression or plan. Each workout will take anywhere from 20-60 minutes depending on its style. Below are a few example videos!

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