Beginner Yoga Series

A 6-Video Beginner Yoga Series with Rachel with an emphasis on the traditional Eight Limbs of Yoga to introduce basic yoga postures and transitions, breath control, mindfulness and meditation, and yogic philosophy concepts. If you’ve ever wanted to try yoga and aren’t sure where to start, this is the perfect place to begin- you’ll get to try different styles of yoga from flowing active practices to more chill yin practices. A one-time purchase of $50 and you keep these videos for life! Or you can join our Virtual Matz Fitness subscription and have access to these videos, plus way more.

Matz Fitness Beginner Yoga Class 1

An active general ''intro to yoga'' class with poses, mindfulness and relaxation at the end! Also pieces of insight on the Yamas + Niyamas- moral and ethical principles of the yoga practice off the mat.

Matz Fitness Beginner Yoga Class 2

A movement based practice with an emphasis on breath. (Asana and Pranayama)

Matz Fitness Beginner Yoga Class 3

A Yin, or slow and close to the ground (cooling), style of practice with a focus on turning inward- Pratyahara and concentration- Dharana.

Matz Fitness Beginner Yoga Class 4

A combo Yang and Yin class of heating and cooling work to balance the body and mind, with an emphasis on Meditation- Dhyana.

Matz Fitness Beginner Yoga Class 5

A Vinyasa flow class which begins with seated meditation and mindfulness.

Matz Fitness Beginner Yoga Class 6

A Vinyasa flow class to put it all together...focus on movement, breath, turning inward, concentration, and meditation to potentially begin to reveal a sense of oneness, or Samadhi, with ourselves, this moment, and all of creation.

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