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Was an idea created by two fiery Leos, hence the logo, who love fitness, wellness and living a balanced lifestyle.

Dakota and Rachel grew up in the same hometown of Zanesville, Ohio, and have known each other since Kindergarten. They started dating when they moved away to college- Dakota has his Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology leaning towards Physical Therapy from Bethany College, and Rachel has her Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science and Religion from Ashland University. Separate state lines and a three hour drive, and then they decide it’s a good time to be together…go figure! They both played college basketball and have had a passion for elite competition and performance since they were old enough to walk.


Dakota Matz

Started his Personal Training business in 2012 and has developed a massive following in the area. He trains 50+ 1 Hour sessions per week with people from all different backgrounds- senior citizens, elite athletes, post-surgery and cardiac patients, weight loss clients, and fitness enthusiasts. Dakota is a fitness icon in the community, known for his work ethic- no one outworks Dakota- and love for what he does. He has created the “Matz Legacy Scholarship”, $1000 awarded to a local athlete every year, as a way to give back to a home that means so much to him. As far as workouts go, Dakota likes to try to be a swiss army knife, able to do just about anything. He likes functional fitness movements in all directions, high intensity work and outside-of-the-box exercises to keep it fun. Dakota has completed a couple of half marathons, which has been a newer development and challenge within his fitness realm. His current routine: Stretch most days, Weight Lifting 4x p/week, Circuits/Cardio 2x p/week, Yoga 1x p/week, Steam room 1x p/week, Sauna 1x p/week, and Ice Bath 1x p/week.

Rachel Matz

Rachel is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. She traveled to Bali twice and Costa Rica for her Yoga Teacher Training with Awakened Life School of Yoga. She opened up her dream studio in the heart of downtown Zanesville, called Grass Roots Studio, in 2017. Grass Roots has two Massage Therapists and three body workers, as well as, eight yoga instructors offering around 20 classes per/week. She’s extremely proud of being a part of a new wave of economic growth in downtown Zanesville. Rachel has completed various half marathons, a 20 mile race, a sprint triathlon and a full marathon. She’s currently more passionate about trail running and hiking, and occasionally runs 10 mile trail races. She will be spending the winter and spring in preparation for a 14-day trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal of May 2019. Her current routine: Yoga every damn day (sometimes an actual 75 min class, sometimes 30 min in her living room), Weight Lifting and Sauna 3-4x p/week, Cardio has been lacking…30 minutes of equipment cardio 2x p/week…committed to bundle up and get back outside!




Rachel LOVES to travel and Dakota loves to make Rachel happy, so they travel a lot! They’ve visited Havasupai Falls within the Grand Canyon of AZ where they backpacked and camped for four nights. They backpacked five days through the Andes Mountains in Peru, ending their trek at the infamous Incan citadel, Machu Picchu. Some of their favorite day hiking has been through the Redwoods in Northern CA and along the coasts of Kauai, HI. Their babies are two Siberian huskies, Atlas and Athena, who they love to hike with around Ohio. Dakota is an avid outdoorsman, especially when it comes to whitetail deer hunting…anyone who knows Dakota knows how passionate he is about deer and hunting. Rachel is a bit of a free spirit, some would probably call her a crazy hippie, and also feels deeply connected to the outdoors and Mother Earth. So much about each of them is hilariously different, yin and yang, but they’ve found a way to honor and cherish the differences. This platform stems from the heart and soul of these two combined…the perfect balance, yin and yang, effort and ease, strength and length, roots and wings.

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